Advertisers at Your Fingertips

With access to an active pool of global advertising clients, we offer our publishers a steady stream of revenue generating opportunities primarily geared towards sales of remnant or underutilized inventory on your sites. We carefully match the message to the medium and the target market, and systematically achieve higher than industry fill rates and eCPMs.

We strive to ensure that the campaigns most relevant to your audience are run across your sites. However, as the publisher, you retain full control over the advertisers on your sites, and can halt a remnant campaign at any time should you require an alternate campaign to take precedence. The power remains in your hands.

As an online publisher with AddSuite, you will enjoy:

  • Access to an active pool of quality advertisers
  • High fill rates and excellent eCPMs
  • Professional inventory management and traffic monetization
  • Multiple display advertising formats and analysis and reporting tools