Establishing your own private advertising network allows you, as a publisher, to make available privately negotiated rates for your premium inventory – enabling you to sell it at the premium it deserves.

By providing you with the means to run your own private ad network, we empower you to drive more advertisers to your sites without having to deploy sales teams or 3rd-party ad networks. Instead of negotiating prices based on volume (as in traditional ad networks), private networks provide a technology-based solution for improved real-time bidding.

Our platform allows you to manage your inventory independently – we provide the tools and the technology, but you retain full control of your inventory.
Within a private network, premium publishers can sell their inventory via real-time bidding to the ad networks, media planners, and ad agencies of their choice – publishers decide to whom they wish to make their inventory available and at what rates.

A key element of private networks is the unique data which premium publishers are able to gather about their users – data which allows for effective targeting within a known and acknowledged publishing ecosystem. This means that publishers can sell their advertising at rates which more accurately reflect the value of their inventory.